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McCloud Season 7 Episode 5 : London Bridges

A peer of the realm, who's a photographer as well as a cat burglar, comes to America and, in flagrante delicto at a Long Island costume party, witnesses a killing at the hands of Irish bombers, all of which sends McCloud to Blighty, where the target remains to be found.

NameMcCloud Season 7 Episode 5 : London Bridges
Air DateMarch 6th, 1977
Production CompaniesUniversal Television, Glen A. Larson Productions
WriterMichael Sloan
DirectorNoel Black
Guest StarsJack Cassidy, Richard Sanders, Adam Faith, John Lehne, Spencer Milligan
Plot Keywordsnew york city, police, u.s. marshal, nypd
Dennis Weaver
Dennis Weaver
Sam McCloud
J.D. Cannon
J.D. Cannon