Wise Man’s Grandchild

In the modern world, a lonely man dies and reincarnates in another world. Rescued as a baby from a tragedy by a brilliant sage named Merlin, the baby is raised as “Shin Walford,” and undergoes training in both magic and martial arts to kill the monsters that ravage the land. At 15 years old, Shin has become shockingly powerful. But his grandfather Merlin has forgotten to teach him the common sense of this world. As a result, Shin enrolls in the kingdom's Magic Academy to hone his skills and mature among other teenagers. However, living a normal life is impossible, as he is established as a local celebrity almost as soon as he arrives. This story follows Shin Walford's high school life in the capital as he makes new friends, learns about the world, and fights off the various forces of evil surrounding him and his city.

TitleWise Man’s Grandchild
Original Title賢者の孫
First Air DateApril 10th, 2019
Last Air DateJune 26th, 2019
GenresAnimation, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
NetworksAT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Production CompanySILVER LINK.
Number of Seasons1 Seasons
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Plot Keywordshigh school, magic, boarding school, training, romance, school, violence, fighting, demon, parallel world, military, school life, based on light novel, anime, school club, isekai
Honizumi Rina
Honizumi Rina
Sicily von Claude (voice)
Yuusuke Kobayashi
Yuusuke Kobayashi
Shin Wolford (voice)
Kenja no Mago
Magi's Grandson
Philosopher's Grandson